Broncos' 2016 regular-season schedule released The Broncos' 2016 season schedule was released Thursday,Luke Kuechly Jersey and the first game is likely to be the one most fans are anticipating anxiously. On Thursday, Sept. 8,Rob Gronkowski Jersey Denver will host the Panthers in the first-ever Super Bowl rematch in which the defending champs open the season at home against the team they faced in the championship. It is the second time a Super Bowl rematch has been in the first weekend, the first being Kansas City at Minnesota in 1970 following Super Bowl IV. The Broncos will have five prime-time games,Russell Wilson Jersey of which three are divisional matchups. The full schedule is below. Now, the Broncos have turned their franchise over to a signal-caller who's never seen anything like NFL pressure.Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey Lynch played high school football at a tiny private school in Deltona, Florida. He played college football at Memphis in the American Athletic Conference. The Miami Beach Bowl and Birmingham Bowl,Cincinnati Bengals Jersey to which Lynch led the Tigers in 2014 and 2015, were just the eighth and ninth bowl games in school history. Memphis ran a one-read offense and played little elite FBS competition, and Lynch struggled in the few games it did.David Johnson Jersey If he plays, he's going to be asked to beat the best football teams in the world. As Klis wrote, the "overwhelming consensus" among Broncos observers is Lynch will have to start on the bench.Mark Sanchez Jersey "I wouldn’t say I’m a project," Lynch told reporters, per Klis. "I don’t think any [college] quarterback is ready.Tony Romo Jersey ... There [are] some good quarterbacks on the roster and there will be good competition among all of us.Victor Cruz Jersey" Osweiler had three years of learning from Manning and warming the bench before his mettle was tested. Lynch will begin his Broncos journey looking up the depth chart at Sanchez, yes, but the rookie will be expected to earn the starting gig much faster than Osweiler did.Eddie Lacy Jersey Lynch has landed in the perfect place to maximize his talent, and his ceiling is as high as it gets. In a league starved of quarterback talent and passing-game expertise, Elway and the Broncos have had a breathtaking run of success with a parade of different signal-callers. They finally have the player they want to build their future around and a supporting cast built to win now. Given a perfect system for his enormous talent, as fine a supporting cast as any quarterback could hope for and a Hall of Fame mentor who fervently believes in his ability, Lynch already has the opportunity to be a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. All he has to do is go out on the field and take it.